Jesus invited his disciples to follow him and become like him. At Good Shepherd, we have an intentional process in place to assist individuals in that journey of growth. Most Congregations leave that process of replicating Christ's life, on their own, to chance. But at Good Shepherd, when followed, our Life Development Process can help lead you to Christ-like maturity.

Good Shepherd Life Development Process

Using a baseball diamond as an illustration, participants in Good Shepherd's ministry are invited to join the process by enrolling in a class that will outline in detail what each level of commitment entails:

1st Base - Discovering Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church focuses on making meaningful, interpersonal, connections and a commitment to other Christians at Good Shepherd.

2nd Base - Discovering Spiritual Maturity helps the believer develop and incorporate the Christ-like habits of prayer, scripture study, giving and involvement in small groups.

3rd Base - Discovering my S.H.A.P.E. For Ministry will help people discover and deploy their God-given gifts in ministry and mission. Home Plate - Sharing Your Faith Story helps the mature believer understand and learn how to connect his or her own experience of God to another persons need for God.