Thank you for your interest in weddings at Good Shepherd.

Good Shepherd currently defines Christian marriage as an act of discipleship. Followers of Jesus Christ who celebrate their marriage at Good Shepherd, do so seeking to commit themselves to facilitating the development of the character of Christ in their spouse. Practically speaking, Good Shepherd hosts celebrations rather than the legalizations. Couples seeking to celebrate the Covenant will need to have first gotten the State's endorsement of their union.

Good Shepherd's policy also requires a period of instruction. So that couples can better understand what it means to have a distinctively Christian marriage, couples seeking to celebrate their covenant are invited to a course of study highlighting the distinctive of a marriage and home life founded on Jesus Christ. The schedule for classes is subject to the Pastor's availability.

Finally, Good Shepherd does not "rent" its Sanctuary for weddings nor does it accommodate non-member weddings.

GSPC Wedding Guidelines