What Makes Us Unique

Our purpose is to be a church where:

"Lives are changed in Christ, life's purpose discovered, and service begun."

Good Shepherd is a Purpose-Driven church. This means we work to seek Christ's purpose and vision in everything we do and offer.

Being Purpose-Driven means that we follow a model designed to lead individuals to spiritual maturity and our church toward health. It is a unique, biblically-based approach to establishing, transforming and maintaining a balanced, growing and vibrant congregation that seeks to fulfill the God-given purposes of:

  • Fellowship: God's people growing in relationships together
  • Discipleship: Learning, practicing and living the Biblical principles of
  • Service: Ministering to our friends and family in Christ
  • Evangelism: Reaching out to those in need and sharing Christ's love
  • Worship: Glorifying God in the way we live our lives

To learn more about what makes us unique as a Purpose-Driven Presbyterian Church, please read on the rest of this section.