Class of 2017

Bob Kelly & Deb Wrich

Class of 2018

Lisa Soules & Tim Johnson

Class of 2019

Pam Crawford & Rob Steinhart


Clerk of Session

Pam Crawford
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Did you know that your contributions to the Good Shepherd Endowment Fund will continue to serve the church perpetually?  Your money is not spent, it is invested and the interest it earns helps fund special projects. 

In fact the Endowment fund has helped pay for a number of items around the church that you may use quite frequently.  For example it has helped buy books, musical equipment, and supplies.  The fund has also helped fund a video projector, the Prayer Labyrinth, and the kid check system used in the nursery.  

The Endowment fund is a powerful tool that can be used to do great things inside and outside our church. Its only limitation is our generosity. The larger the fund becomes the more interest it generates and the more power it has to make a difference in the world.  What can we achieve with a generously supported Endowment fund. You can help make that difference by contributing to the Endowment fund by using the Birthday program. Every year donate one dollar for every year old you are in your birthday month. You can also make additional donations at any time to this fund. Just designate Endowment on your check. 

We are confident that God will have services for us to perform in the future. Tools like the Endowment fund can help make sure that work continues well into that future. The Endowment Committee has made a goal of doubling the balance of the Endowment fund over the course of the next two years. We will need your help to do that.