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EARLY CHILDHOOD ENRICHMENT (two months – three years old) 

Your child’s class placement is determined by their age/development. ECE ages are 2 months to 3 years of age. 

All class hours are 9:15am – 2:45pm


THREE-YEAR-OLD PRESCHOOL (must be 3 years old by Sept 1st)

A child must be three years of age before September 1 to attend the appropriate class. 

The Preschool staff understands that toilet learning is a personal matter between a child and his/her family; however, with one teacher per class, it is difficult to properly supervise and teach a class while tending to diapering needs.  Therefore, children enrolling in Preschool must have accomplished toilet learning prior to the beginning of the preschool year.


Classes meet:

3 day class                 M/T/W                        9:15 am – 2:45 pm

4 day class                M/T/W/Th                    9:15 am – 2:45 pm   

5 day class                M/T/W/Th/F                 9:15 am – 2:45 pm


If you have any questions, comments or just want to know more about what we do and why, please feel free to contact our staff.

Child Development Center Director: Jennifer Braden

Office: (918) 333-1713

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We use the Orange Curriculum in our classrooms on a daily basis and the responses from the children and parents have been very positive!  Several of the children are learning scripture verses for the first time!!! Orange curriculum provides hand movements for songs and scriptures and the children are loving the new materials.  It is a very interactive and keeps the hands on learning approach that we love so much here at Good Shepherd!  We have sent home the Parent Cue's and cards with the weekly verses to help parent's become interactive in their preschooler's education.  After searching for quite some time to find a Christian curriculum that we felt the teachers and parents could teach together, we HAVE finally found it!  If any of you would like to come visit and see how awesome it is, please come!